Two Party System - Will It Save Us Or Destroy U.S.?

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Two Party System - Will It Save Us Or Destroy U.S.?

Post  ShaunMcC on Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:05 am

I would like your input on this question. There are those that are passionately arguing that we need a "third party" or a "no party" option in national politics, that the political parties are destroying the country in a tug of war for power. Others believe we need to fix the existing parties and work "within the system". What do you think and why?


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Political parties cause division

Post  Shan_Hess on Thu Oct 08, 2009 9:00 pm

When one is considering who to vote for in upcoming elections, instead of researching the beliefs of those individuals running, they will instead look for those who are representing their political party. When considering who to vote for, one should consider "which individual will uphold the constitution and protect our freedom?" It is much easier though, to just look at who's repesenting your political party. A friend of mine is able to put it very well, she says,
"As we face the concerns of today I beg and plead with you to leave party politics behind. The idea that one party holds truth or knowledge over another, or is more responsible then another for the current mess we are in is an old argument. Instead I would ask you to look at every issue, listen to every speech and consider every personal concern and decision with this question.
What gives me the greatest freedom?"
I heartily agree with this. In a way this brings us to Abraham Lincoln's, "a house divided can not stand." Political parties each try to pin on each other the problems we now face. What good will this do us? We should consider those individual's beliefs which are running, for they will be the ones in office, they will be the ones making the decisions, not the political party they may represent.
Political parties may divide us, but in the end it is the laziness of the people that will destroy the U.S.A.


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Two Parties = Disaster

Post  Demosthenes on Mon Oct 12, 2009 10:59 pm

While I don't agree with those that say there is no difference in the two parties, I do believe that they are both to blame for where we are and that the efforts of both parties to take or keep power instead of trying to do what is truly best for the people of this country is at the root of the problem. Democrats seem to believe that the government knows best and the people should just shut up and let them make the decisions. Republicans seem to think that there are no good ideas but theirs and that, if you don't agree with them, you are just stupid. Dems think if you can slap a "green" sticker on it, it must be good. Reps think if you can slap a "red" sticker on it, it must be bad. Everyone is about hate and finding out something you can paint the other guy badly with. Character assassination has replaced reason and judgement as the modus operandi and if you can't say somethin' nasty about the other guy, don't say nothin' at all (apologies to Thumper). I wish we actually had statesmen representing us in the halls of government, but I fear that true statesmen have almost no chance of being elected, because they won't stoop to the smear and innuendo approach and they are attacked by both sides when they tell the truth. Joe Leiberman (democratic vice-presidential candidate) has been attacked by both sides because he says what he believes, even when the Demo leaders try to twist his arm. Sarah Palin has been minimized as stupid or inexperienced because she called government panels that will decide who gets care and who doesn't "death panels". What would you call them? I don't agree with either of these people on many things, but I would consider voting for them as a team because they put what they believe ahead of party politics and I personally think we need that more than just about anything else right now.


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Media has some responsibility in this issue

Post  Misty M. on Sat Oct 17, 2009 7:15 pm

I believe that part of the problem with both parties has to do with the media's inability to be accurate, or the control that is sneaking up on them. Depending on what network you watch on TV, you may only hear one side of the issues. Does the government control what is being said about the political parties? It seems to me that when something negative is reported about the government, or that asks tough and serious questions, that media is attacked by the White House. When the President visits different states, the media is controlled to be only in certain areas, that are not near organized protesting.

The White House has some serious communication problems. I am concerned with Anita Dunn, the White House Communications Director. If my understanding is correct, Mao Zedong is one of her favorite philosophers. This is disturbing. Has anyone red the Red Scarf Girl? I think that anyone who represents the President of the United States of America, and has a philosophical belief in a communistic party, should never have been aloud in the White House, nor anywhere near the President. A wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf. Did Mao Zedong control the media?

I hope that people will open their eyes and do the research before they make a decision to support one party or the other. I think each person does need to be considered individually. I think that character evaluation is essential and that we cannot rely on the media's opinions and evaluations. We are here to learn to how to think for ourselves, and express our personal views, that's what statesmen do.

Misty M.

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Re: Two Party System - Will It Save Us Or Destroy U.S.?

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